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1984 Mustang Dragster

FOR SALE 1984 Mustang lx all motor dragster, sorry the sound is all delayed and messed up. This car is now for sale, no title, first 2000.00 cash takes it. This is a dragster only heres the specs and more recent pics: -3.73 gears -Eibach Drag Springs -4pt Roll Cage -Hurst Shifter (5 Spd) -5" Monster Tach -Custom Radio guage plate with oil psi and temp along with 3 wired-lighted switches for nitrous (bottle heater, opener, whatever you want) -Interior is completely gutted except for door panels and dash, passenger seat is unbolted but can be put back in -Powered by Ford Valve Covers -Hedman Longtubes (running open headers car will come with the dynomax race bullets but NO h-pipe) -9mm Ford Racing Wires -Mallory Starter Coil -A/C, smog, P/S ( no manual steering rack i will be putting p/s on before sale) deleted -Holley 600 cfm carb -Holley Street Dominator Intake -New radiator hoses -Electric Fan (not wired in) -Comes with new 4-eye front clip already primered ready for paint -Headlights are in mint condition and all electronics work I'm sure theres more im just tired of typing, located in central alabama

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