Video - 1981 Ford Falcon XD Jumps Train Tracks At 130kmph (80mph)

Videa Ford Falcon 1981 Ford Falcon XD Jumps Train Tracks At 130kmph (80mph)

1981 Ford Falcon XD Jumps Train Tracks At 130kmph (80mph)

Here's the story... I was driving home late one evening, when I did see the most handsome and intelligent gentleman driving this most fabulous contraption up and down this road. When the driver stopped for a second I said "You, driver! Come hither." to which he promptly and courteously obliged. I asked him from whence his magical talents came, and perchance what did he plan to do with them? He responded with an odd drawl in his voice, making him barely audible, and barely human. However I did manage to procure a few words with which I could divine what he planned to do, " ...make ..." With this information it was obvious that he had found a perfect jump for his motored vehicle, which serendipitously was across a railway track. We then proceeded to film this glorious moment of triumph, and this video is the product of that material. The sparks we originally thought were from the tow bar, however now that we looked at it more closely and in slow motion, it appears those sparks were coming from the sump! Awesome fun! The estimated statistics: 130kph, which is about 80mph 11 meters from take off to landing, which is about 36 feet 1.3 meters at the apex, which is about 4.3 feet All done in a really old 1981 Ford Falcon XD sedan, 4.1 litre inline 6 running on the equivalent of about 3 cylinders.

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