Video - 1976 Commercials: Ford to ABC

Videa Ford Thunderbird 1976 Commercials: Ford to ABC

1976 Commercials: Ford to ABC

1. 1977 Ford Thunderbird 2. Hellman's mayonnaise (with space age family) 3. Skippy peanut butter (A jar and a half of peanuts in Skippy) 4. Clorox 2 color bleach (Yikes! Look at that shirt!) 5. Ultra Brite toothpaste with Morgan Brittany (She's got a proposition for you) 6. 1977 Plymouth Fury 7. Golden Griddle Pancake Syrup (with Soap's Jimmy Baio) 8. Mazola Margarine (You call it corn, we call it maize!) (REPOST) 6. ABC promo for Paul Lynde's Halloween Special (with Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby tv movie promo) **These commercials are from my 1970-1979 Commercials Volume 2**



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