Video - 1973 F-100 Second Start

Videa Ford TRUCK F - 1973 F-100 Second Start

1973 F-100 Second Start

Please Rate and Comment!! Let me know what you think My 1973 Ford F-100 I got for FREE!! I spent 8 hours digging it out of the woods. Got it home and the carburetor was missing and the radiator had been placed in the bed of the truck. I took me 1 week and about $500 to get it running. This is the second start of the truck, I had grease covering every inch of my hands and I wasn't about to touch my camera like that. This truck makes about 1 compete round before it fires and starts GREAT. Parts List: *Holley 600cfm Carburetor *Mr. Gasket 9 inch Chrome Air Cleaner *Starter Solenoid *Starter *Ignition Switch

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