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1971 Ford Thunderbird

The 1971 Thunderbirds were the best built Thunderbirds to date. Printed circuitry, introduced in 1968, continued to make the instruments reliable and accurate. Thunderbird's smooth ride was designed by computer. Their interiors were pressure tested at the factory to check for air leaks. Since this body style had been around for four years, they left the assembly plant pretty much perfect. Thunderbird advertising in 1971 asked the question, "Whatever happened to individuality?" As the curtain came down on one of the most interesting, and under-appreciated, body styles to ever bear the name Thunderbird, we wonder how long it will take for others to recognize how special these cars are. Will they someday climb to the ranks of the two seaters and Sports Roadsters? This white landau coupe with blue cloth interior represents the high water mark of the model. Outfitted with a Thunder Jet 429 V-8 Engine (360 Horsepower) and the SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic Drive, this bird has all the comfort of your living room on wheels. Power steering, ventilated disc brakes, power windows, full instrumentation, cornering lamps, center arm rest and a complete compliment of interior lighting options provide just some of the standard features found on this one.

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