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Videa Ford Mustang Mach III 1969 Mustang Coupe (Upgrades)

1969 Mustang Coupe (Upgrades)

Since the last video i have a lot to my car. Here is a list of things i've done: 1) Alarm System with Power Door Locks 2) Electric Trunk Opener that work with the remote and a lever on the side of the seat 3) Stereo (more information about it below) 4) 20% window tint 5) Electric AM/FM Antenna 6) Dual Exhaust with Magnaflow Mufflers Thats about it for now. If you have any questions, please let me know! Stereo Info: Reciever: JVC HDR50 Front Speakers: 4" Polk Audio Rear Speakers: 6x9 Polk Amp: Sony Explod 1200watt 2 channel Subs: 2 12" Sony Explod Next: 1) Power Windows 2) New Paint Job (same color, but need to get rid of the scratches and dents) 3) Rims ( 17x8 in front, 17x10 in back) 4) Work on engine (replace some parts, tune up, make it look better)

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