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1969 Ford Mustang Mach1

This is just the absolute finest Completely Restored 1969 Ford Mustang with MACH-1 Tribute Package! Words can not express the detail inside and out and underneath this car has. Every nook and cranny, every last detail has been taken care of with love! Thousands and thousands of dollars has been poured into this car and it shows beginning under the hood with the 351 Windsor that has a 600CFM Carb, a Edlebrock Performer Aluminum Intake painted factory Blue, Hooker Super Comp Headers with Flowmaster Exhaust that sounds incredible coupled to a 3 speed FMX Factory Automatic Transmission and a 3.25 Trac Loc Rear End. Interior has been completely restored with Sound Deadener and Heat Shields along with New Factory Carpet. The Seats are perfect. Every inch of Stainless trim is original and flawless, Front and Rear Chrome Bumpers are Flawless. The paint is truly indescribable and like glass! With original miles and original sheetmetal this is just an rare opportunity to have one of the most sought after bodystyles that Ford every produced. Call Mike Eckler at 859-624-6636 or His cell at 859-582-3033 with any questions!

KY, Richmond Car & Truck Center, Mike Eckler, 859-624-6636



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