Video - 1969 Ford F100 4 x 4 - SOLD!

Videa Ford TRUCK F - 1969 Ford F100 4 x 4 - SOLD!

1969 Ford F100 4 x 4 - SOLD!

Good solid 1969 Ford F100 Short Bed 4 x 4 Pickup. It runs and drives well and will take you where you want to go just the way it is. Powered by a 360 4 speed, it will take you to the mountains to chop wood or on down the road. If you want to pull a trailer for extra wood or pull an off road toy or boat behind it, it's set up towing. If you want to fix it up and make it your own—you can do that too. Vehicle information above is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. All vehicles are offered subject to an inspection and an appraisal if desired. Financing is available through JJ Best Banc. Delivery arrangements are available. Please call 503-855-4345 or 1-888-597-6719 for more information.

1969 Ford F100 Pickup, 4x4, offroad, pickup truck, Ford F-Series, four-wheel drive, mud



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