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See more at 1966 Ford Thunderbird The fourth generation of the Ford Thunderbird the 66 was the last year of this generation and body style. This is a very original matching numbers car. V8 -315hp and automatic transmission. A/C, Cruise control. White vinyl interior. 1966 models received a very becoming face lift to their interiors. Trim patterns on the seats, door panels, and rear quarter trim panels gave the interior a change of appearance, very necessary for a car in its 3rd model year. The seat pattern was changed to a "biscuit" and "pleated" pattern, while the side panels were molded vinyl pleats, slightly wider in appearance than on previous models in this series. The polished trim that had run from the front of the door panel, just below the vent window, and along the molded armrest, to the rear seat, was eliminated. A much simpler (and smaller) molding was used to clean up this area of the interior. A new acrylic centerpiece was used in the center of the round padded steering wheel hub, and on cars without the Safety-Convenience Control Panel, the newly standard emergency flasher system was mounted just below the map light switch on the center section of the instrument panel. On Conventional Hardtops and Convertibles, the standard seat belt reminder light was mounted in the same place as it was in 1965. This car was purchased from a private collection is drivable daily or ready for restoration. Dont miss out on this end of an era T-Bird See ...

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