Video - 1953 Ford, Delivery, Panel, Truck, Custom, F-100, Drag, Cruiser

Videa Ford TRUCK F - 1953 Ford, Delivery, Panel, Truck, Custom, F-100, Drag, Cruiser

1953 Ford, Delivery, Panel, Truck, Custom, F-100, Drag, Cruiser

Custom Ford Panel 1953 Ford Panel Truck Special Features The 1953 model came standard with a more spacious cab than its predecessors. This included a wider bench seat that was furnished with an upgraded upholstery from previous truck models. In addition, the instrument cluster was crafted into a single unit to provide simplicity for the driver. With a single unit holding all instrumentation, the driver could have greater access from behind the steering wheel. Furthermore, the windshield was re-engineered, producing a larger, curved shield that slanted back to the cab, which increased visibility for drivers. Finally, in 1953, the option of having an automatic transmission was offered. Engine Specifications In 1953, every Ford truck was equipped with a Flathead engine. This was a powerful V-8 block engine, with a bore by stroke of 3.1875 inches by 3.750 inches. The piston displacement was 239 cubic inches, with a compression ratio of 7.20, a maximum brake horsepower of 110 at 3800 rpm and a maximum torque of 196 pound-feet at 2000 rpm. The normal oil pressure was 57 pounds. The firing order was from the front to rear at 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2. The ignition timing was groove on pulley, with engine idle speed for the manual shift transmission being 475 rpm. The compression pressure and cranking speed was at 125 minutes. For valves, the operating clearance was 0.014 inches cold on the intake valve, and 0.018 cold on the exhaust. The valve seat angle was at 45 degrees.

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