Video - 1940 Ford Coupe - $29500

Videa Ford Coupé 1940 Ford Coupe - $29500

1940 Ford Coupe - $29500

More information to follow later--wanted to get this car up on the net. 1940 Ford Coupe, 283 V-8, C-4 A/T, power steering, tilt wheel, diamond tuck and roll interior, frenched headlights and frenched taillights, power trunk, gas cap cover release--a real cute coupe! Vehicle information above is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. All vehicles are offered subject to an inspection and an appraisal if desired. Financing is available through JJ Best Banc. Delivery arrangements are available. Please call 503-855-4345 or 1-888-597-6719 for more information.

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