Video - 1933 Ford 3 Window Coupe FOR SALE !

Videa Ford Coupé 1933 Ford 3 Window Coupe FOR SALE !

1933 Ford 3 Window Coupe FOR SALE !

.Erics Muscle Cars is proud to offer this 1933 Ford 3 Window Coupe. Outlaw fiberglass body w/ an all aluminum 400 cubic inch small block Chevrolet. No expense spared on this phenomenal build. Car has an outstanding House of Colors Kandy paint job with 3 dimensional ghost flame job. Suicide doors and a completely customized interior with a killer sound system round out this one of kind cruiser. The engine starts from a Rodeck aluminum block stuffed with all forged internals and is topped off with CNCed Pro1 heads, solid roller cam, Jessel rockers and a BDS Stage II 8-71 supercharger. This beast makes an honest 800 flywheel Horsepower on pump gas and cruises at 190*. Behind the power plant is a Coan TH-350 transmission with all the good stuff inside and a Stephs billet pan on the bottom. Out back is a Ford 9inch rear with a cruising friendly 3.55 gear. This car starts, idles and runs perfectly everytime! Other features include full instrumentation, anti-theft system, electronic trunk open/close, power windows and the old style Hildabrand wheels with ET Drag Radials. You wont find another one like it and you'll be hard pressed to find one of similar quality. *****Welcome to Eric's Muscle Cars !! In business since 2005, I have been a Muscle Car Enthusiast for close to 40 years. We started this business to help people find Quality Muscle Cars and provide the buyer a certain comfort zone they cant find elsewhere in this business, we provide as thorough a description as possible ...

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