Video - 1932 Ford Twin Turbo Coupe Burnout

Videa Ford Coupé 1932 Ford Twin Turbo Coupe Burnout

1932 Ford Twin Turbo Coupe Burnout

ChrisCerceCustoms shop car. EST 1100 HP on 100 octane. 377 ci Small block chevy, Forged eagle rods and crank, Ross dished pistons, 8:5.1 compression, Edelbrock victor junior heads, 2.08, 1.60 valves, custom 750 Holley carb prepared by The Carb shop for blow thru, Hand made made headers feeding twin to4b 60mm turbos, and 2 turbonetics wastegates, custom aluminum piping feeding 15 psi to the engine and making 1200hp on 100 octane fuel. full MSD ignition. fully built th350 trans. with a 3600 tci converter. chromoly driveshaft, 9"rear with 30 spline axles and an Eaton posi with 3.50 gears. For more info visit. WWW.CHRISCERCECUSTOMS.COM

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