Video - 1931 Ford Model A Snow Coupe with Tracks

Videa Ford Coupé 1931 Ford Model A Snow Coupe with Tracks

1931 Ford Model A Snow Coupe with Tracks

Currently selling this vehicle on Ebay. Hey Folks, we're selling our 1931 Ford Model A Snow & Mud Track Coupe. Sad but true, but we're heading to Hawaii and well, it doesn't have a cup holder for Mai Tai's. No need to stop cruisin' just 'cause it's raining or snowing, this beast can handle it all. Runs like a striped a** ape through all kinds of terrain. When the snow gets a little deep, put on the front skis (like changing a tire) and away you go. Drive it on pavement or hit the hills and make your own shortcuts! Even has a hook to tow sleds or to help your less fortunate single axle friends get out of a jam. Fun, Fun, Fun. And you folks in the frozen tundra can cross rivers and lakes with it 'cause it's great on ice as well. We've had a ball with it in western and eastern Washington so we're sure you'll enjoy it too. We purchased this vehicle back in 2009. This vehicle has some cool history to it. It was converted to a Track/Snow machine in Chicago in the early 30's. Owned and operated by the Northwood Club in Ishpeming Michigan, used by their members for 20/30 years.This vehicle was mostly used for Ice fishing and hunting in the Lake Erie areas. We bought this from a party in Kansas in 2009 who said that this vehicle was in a Kansas museum for some time. This Ford Coupe contains the following. - Two inline 3 speed transmissions - Skid steering and standard steering - Everything has been re-wired. - Horns, Lights, and all the gauges are in good working order. - Front ...

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