Video - 1927 Studebaker and Ford T-bucket Hot Rod

Videa Ford T 1927 Studebaker and Ford T-bucket Hot Rod

1927 Studebaker and Ford T-bucket Hot Rod

I thought you'd like a look at this cool little Studebaker hot rod. It is full of quality parts. I think it's mostly a T-bucket Ford with a Studebaker grill shell. It has a 302 Ford for power, an 8.8 Ford Rearend, four wheel disc brakes, aluminum radiator, beer keg gas tank, and much more. Thanks for watching and commenting, I appreciate it. hot rod rat rod Studebaker pickup truck t-bucket Ford 302 four wheel disc brakes vintage classic automobile show car Gateway Classic Cars RamblinAround lead sled custom muscle car restored vlog hd partner

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