Video - 1923 Ford T Bucket For Sale or Trade

Videa Ford T 1923 Ford T Bucket For Sale or Trade

1923 Ford T Bucket For Sale or Trade

The video says it all. This bucket is a show winner all the time. Don't spend two years building your own. You can be on the road in a few days. If you have a collection of classic cars, then this is one you want in your stable of cars. The interior is white leather "Tuck & Roll" the removable top is also White leather (double thickness with padding in between) this is NOT some thin canvas type from a catalog. Chrome and gold plating is extra thick. I used to own a chrome plating shop. This trophy winning "Bucket T" is very well done. It is not put together with catalog parts from JC Whitney like most you have seen, it is put together with love. INTERESTED?? EMAIL TO MGK731@GMAIL.COM

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