Video - 18 years of the Ford Mondeo

Videa Ford Mondeo 18 years of the Ford Mondeo

18 years of the Ford Mondeo

Video #18 Advent 2011 - Visit for more. For 18 years, families across Europe have been loading up their Ford Mondeos at this time of the month, trusting their Ford to take them safely, reliably and comfortably to visit relatives over Christmas. And entering its 19th Christmas, new Mondeo is better equipped than ever to take on this important duty. Large luggage compartments in the saloon, hatchback and estate versions mean families won't be struggling for space, while a choice of efficient Ford EcoBoost petrol or Duratorq TDCi diesel engines will cut the cost of fuel bills on those seasonal trips. The latest Mondeo also offers some high technology features that can help on journeys through the dark winter months. High power LED lighting and Auto High Beam help keep the road ahead illuminated, while smart features like Driver Alert, Blind Spot Information System and Lane Departure Warning assist the driver in avoiding potential incidents, keeping their family safe.

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