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Videa Ford Shelby 134032 / 2007 Ford Shelby Mustang GT

134032 / 2007 Ford Shelby Mustang GT

For more information on this vehicle visit There's really no better way to see or be seen than a sinister American muscle car. And there's really no better way to feel or hear music than a hand-built American solid body. So step right up and experience pure aural bliss with this showroom fresh Mustang and its custom Fender accessory! Showing an exceptionally low 486 miles on its five year old odometer, this Ford Black boulevard cruiser has been meticulously maintained and is factory fresh in virtually every way. The car's original two-stage is clean, shines like new and provides a bit more sophistication than a typical 'bright paint and black stripe' package. Under that conservative canvas, original sheetmetal fits precisely and displays great build quality. And overall, this super slick GT conveys a premium sense of collectability that, when combined with its natural curb appeal, creates one timeless modern classic! Take a look under the hood of this storied American legend and you'll find a world class 4.6 liter Ford 'mod motor' V8 that delivers a solid 325 horsepower and a stout 320 lb./ft. of torque! Combining a lightweight aluminum block, forged aluminum pistons, and aluminum 3-valve heads with a forged steel crank, forged steel connecting rods, a Ford Racing air kit and a Ford Racing power tune, this rev-happy monster makes great muscle car sounds while providing class-leading efficiency and docile street manners. Aesthetically the engine bay looks very ...



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