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133276 / 2002 Ford Mustang GT

For more information on this vehicle visit From the first generation to the Fox platform to the SN-95 cars, nearly every generation of Mustang ever produced has left plenty of room for the buyer to put their own signature on the car. While the results can vary, enthusiasts occasionally create a car like this awesome 2002 Mustang GT. With a nasty demeanor, a clean black leather interior and just 24169 original miles, this mildly modified thoroughbred can be enjoyed as-is for years to come or serve as the baseline for your own Mustang dream build. This low-mileage GT wears a nicely maintained coat of Mineral Gray, sprayed by the folks at the Dearborn, Michigan assembly plant. The paint is free of notable flaws and sets the perfect background for the black Boss-style side stripes. Paired with the black spoiler and hood center section, the car has an ultra-aggressive demeanor without looking over the top. Even with the aftermarket pieces, overall fit and finish remains first rate. Of course, there's more to an exterior than paint. This GT features a long list of accessories sure to thrill any late-model Mustang fan. The most obvious addition comes in the form of a Roush Stage III-style body kit complete with an integrated side-exit exhaust system. From there, a Mach 1-style shaker hood and high-rise spoiler compete the look. Pop the hood on this GT and you'll find a low-mileage example of the venerable 4.6L mod motor. This proven mill utilizes two camshafts, free ...



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