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133077 / 1939 Ford Tudor

For more information on this vehicle visit Fully functional, with a reliable and powerful LT1 powertrain and a ton of creature comforts, this 1939 Ford is a car you can drive or show with confidence, and you'll never have to worry about parking next to another one like it at a show. After all, isn't hot rodding all about being unique? You're certainly not going to miss this brilliant red Ford cruising down the street. The body is completely hand-formed and beautifully made to create a shape that's completely new. From the hood that required nearly 40 hours to create, to the raked-back A-pillars, to the unique C-pillars and rear window shapes, this car has details that you'll spend hours examining. Then, just in case the shape wasn't radical enough, they bathed it in killer 2-stage red urethane that's so intense it melts ice. Powering this brilliant red tudor is a powerful and reliable Chevy LT1 V8 out of a Corvette. The injection covers have been painted to match the body and now sport vintage Ford V8 emblems on either side, and everything else that wasn't painted is polished aluminum. A billet aluminum accessory drive system features a modern serpentine belt drive for reliability, and Vintage Air supplied the A/C. A smart 4L60E 4-speed automatic backs the engine, with aggressive gearing for potent acceleration, and a deep overdrive for easy high-speed cruising. Out back, there's a Ford 9-inch with 3.55 gears, which are street friendly. The front suspension ...

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