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133060 / 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1

For more information on this vehicle visit If you're a Ford fan who's looking for a thrilling muscle car that can be shown AND enjoyed, this expertly restored Mach 1 is the deal of the decade! Produced on February 11th of 1971 and owned by a series of Mustang fanatics who ensured years of factory authenticity and spectacular performance, this super cool Mach 1 is the product of a decade long collection of original and NOS parts, a two year restoration and a concours level detail. When the time came for its frame-off rejuvenation, the car's solid but tired body was striped to bare metal, massaged into a virtually flawless canvas and covered in a glossy coat of authentic Ford code 3 Bright Red Deltron. Once that smooth paint was buffed to a brilliant shine, a brutal combination of trademark satin black hood and decklid paint and sinister Mach 1 side stripes was added for good measure. Fortunately, this award winning pony car is a lot more than just a pretty body. Under its blacked-out hood, you'll find an original 351 cubic inch Cleveland V8 which has been completely rebuilt to its correct factory specifications. As one of the most popular pony car mills ever created, Ford's venerable 351C M-code utilizes high performance heads and smooth hydraulic lifters to turn stout 10.7 to 1 compression into a solid 285 horsepower! At the top of the engine, a correct Autolite 4-barrel carburetor sits under a fully functional ram air induction system which draws fresh air ...

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