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133041 / 1932 Ford Coupe

For more information on this vehicle visit This intense '32 Ford 3-window is a professionally built custom which mixes the best attributes of a 'velvet rope and red carpet' show car with the streetability of a well-tuned muscle car! Any experienced builder will tell you Wescott's steel reinforced, fully cross braced and hand laminated fiberglass creates a tight and reliable custom that, unlike most of its competitors, retains ALL its original lines, functional parts and structural integrity. And this '32 Ford coupe, which was massaged, tweaked and assembled by Gary Vahling of Masterpiece Rodding in Denver, Colorado, looks absolutely fantastic under a rich coat of PPG Dark Cherry Metallic paint. Naturally a body this nice deserves to be seen and celebrated to the highest extent, so its Dark Cherry basecoat was accented with intense flames, detailed with bright pin stripes and sealed in a glossy clearcoat shell. The 350 cubic inch small block V8 under this Ford's locking steel hood provides ample power and excellent drivability. At the top of the engine, a pair of chrome Carter AFB Competition carburetors integrate oxygen from polished air cleaners, which are complete with small re-usable filter elements, into a steady stream of fuel which travels through a chrome mechanical pump, high quality braided hoses, familiar Earl's fittings and an Auto Gage pressure gauge. At the base of those carburetors, a polished 6-71 supercharger rides between Edelbrock Performer ...

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