Video - 133025 / 2010 Shelby GT500 Evolution Performance Stage 6

Videa Ford Shelby 133025 / 2010 Shelby GT500 Evolution Performance Stage 6

133025 / 2010 Shelby GT500 Evolution Performance Stage 6

For more information on this vehicle visit With barely 1644 miles on its odometer, this 2010 GT500 convertible is the first Stage 6 built for the 2010 model year and the 19th car built throughout Evolution Performance's entire multi-year run. The guys at SVT must've known that people spending more than $50000 on a new car expect a different level of fit and finish; and with this top of the line GT500, they certainly delivered. It is by far one of the nicest factory Fords we've ever seen. And when you mix that precise level of assembly with Evolution's painted flat black stripes and subtle visual enhancements, you get a menacing neoclassic which features both a high-end luxury car presence and a healthy dose of two-lane American attitude. Cranking out a dyno proven 850 horsepower and a Shanghai shaking 750 lb./ft. of torque, this car's revolutionary 5.4 liter DOHC V8 combines a proven Ford foundation with an individually tuned component build from Evolution Performance. At the top of the engine, a Kenne Bell Mammoth supercharger sucks air through a 130mm air intake that's fronted by a large, re-usable filter element. That swift moving air mixes with a high pressure fuel mist that's supplied by Evolution's own black billet fuel rails and 72lb fuel injectors; and fire is provided by fresh coils which prop Project 321 billet coil covers next to Project 321 billet engine caps. Ford's stalwart iron block then utilizes a forged steel crankshaft and factory high flow ...

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