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133014 / 1933 Ford Speedstar

For more information on this vehicle visit If you're looking for a world class street rod, look no further than this '33 SpeedStar Vicky. A former Street Rodder cover and Good Guys award winner, this rod features a Rat's Glass SpeedStar Vicky body with a full custom Paul Atkins interior. Assembled by the team at Alloway's Hot Rod Shop, this is truly one of the finest street rods on the market today. With a shape that would turn heads in primer, what better to do than spray it with the brightest color available? Dupont's Fly Yellow was chosen for the job and performs its task remarkably well. Joshua Shaw was called in to add some finishing touches including a green and purple triple pinstripe and tasteful custom graphics above the grille and under the rear window. Up front, a sweeping custom grille by Jim Rench of Rench's Hot Rod Stuff sits between a pair of King Bee headlights. Out back, Alloway taillights hide out underneath the lip of the body. Naturally, all wiring has been masterfully tucked away. Open the side tile hood and you'll be greeted by a purely modern GM LS1 featuring a polished Weiand intake, Alloway EFI and K&N air filter. Other noteworthy features include a custom copper radiator by Steve Long, a Powermaster alternator and Taylor ignition wires. The setup breathes through Sanderson headers that exhale through 2

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