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132975 / 1933 Ford Speedstar

For more information on this vehicle visit This SpeedStar roadster was built by ProRides, and has won awards like "Best Radical Roadster" at the Detroit Autorama and the Hershey "Fab 5" award. It has also been featured in "Street Rod Builder" magazine and has enough trophies behind it to require a trailer to haul them all. Highly detailed and beautifully finished, this car is the very definition of hot rodding state-of-the-art in the 21st century. As with any show-winning ride, the paint is absolutely spectacular. But it takes more than good prep and beautiful finish work to win shows, so I invite you to look closer at this one. Between the Harley Davidson Gray and Corvette Victory Red, you'll find some of the coolest graphics I've seen: a simulated TIG weld that was designed and applied by Thad Cunningham from ICON Graphics. Volker Auto Body did the prep and applied the paint, and their workmanship was outstanding in every way. It's hard to do, takes a lot of time, and as a result, it's expensive, which is why most rods don't win big awards like this one has. Power comes from an aluminum LS1, which I think most folks will agree is one hell of a motor. No old tech 350 with a carburetor, this is a fuel injected powerhouse that features a polished aluminum intake (not plastic) and custom fabricated sheet metal valve covers. Ignition is handled by a set of 8 separate MSD coil packs, and if you look closely, you'll note that the air cleaner is a trick unit that ...

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