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132962 / 1934 Ford Tudor

For more information on this vehicle visit With the universal appeal of some of the best parking lot eye candy in our showroom and the road going prowess of a late model sports car, this slick 1934 Ford Coupe is one of the best road ready hot rods your money can buy! Its build started when a clean, all steel body was bolted between a fresh set of fiberglass fenders and running boards. Once that body was completely solid, and those fiberglass components were completely smooth, the entire package was fully disassembled and professionally prepped for paint. Then, in the name of great looks and universal appeal, a top notch coat of bright red urethane was meticulously applied, sealed in a glossy clearcoat shell and buffed to an incredible shine. The result is one fine looking street rod which displays nary a ripple or misaligned panel anywhere, presents a finish that glistens like glass, and possesses just enough authenticity to satisfy both the most skeptical old school hot rod fan and the harshest scoring judge. Built for effortless driving, this coupe's stalwart 350 cubic inch V8 is topped by a chrome K&N air cleaner that funnels wind into a chrome Weber carburetor which is complete with a combination of braided and stainless fuel lines. Below that carburetor, a chrome Edelbrock Performer EPS intake rides between a pair or traditional chrome Edelbrock valve covers; and a traditional HEI distributor fires spark through a set of red MSD Super Conductor plug wires ...

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