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132948 / 1933 Ford Coupe

For more information on this vehicle visit This slick 1933 Ford Coupe is a complete 'smart buy' that'll fulfill your need for speed faster and cheaper than any car you've spent years idealizing. Why continue to prolong your enjoyment when this sweet street rod, with its modern small block V8, custom suspension and leather lined interior, is ready to turn all your dreams into reality! This hot Ford's smooth and solid three window body began life at Outlaw Performance in Avonmore, Pennsylvania where it was fully reinforced, hand laminated and completely cured to ensure a level of quality that is consistent with steel. In fact while its body is fiberglass, its hood and side panels are indeed steel; and the car is so well done that you can't even tell the difference without either touching them or performing a tried and true magnet test. What's more, there are virtually no ripples in that 'glass and those steel pieces are fresh out of the dies creating an excellent canvas for a spectacular coat of bright red urethane. Pull the latches on this '33 Ford's three-piece steel hood and you'll find a fresh, fit and fully rebuilt LT1 V8 which was donated by a 1995 Camaro Z28. At the top of the engine, a small reusable air filter shoots air into a factory sequential port fuel injection system through a reliable Street and Performance throttle body. That perfect air/fuel mixture flows into eight sequentially fired cylinders that are sparked by a complete Ron Francis wiring ...

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