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132884 / 1932 Ford Coupe

This wicked 1932 Ford Coupe, with its custom suspension, outrageous drivetrain and sinister color combination is the perfect street rod to win a trophy with on Saturday and cruise the country side with on Sunday! With virtually no imperfections, this slick '32 Ford's Downs fiberglass body displays smooth vertical panels that would give an all-steel car a serious run for its money, and presents an arrow straight profile which looks absolutely fantastic under a rich and glossy coat of jet black paint. Under the small steel hood you'll find a fully detailed, 600+ horsepower 355 cubic inch small block Chevy that has been painted to match the car's slick, gloss black engine bay. At the top of that black engine bay, a pair of chrome Holley carburetors mix air from a polished shotgun intake and re-usable filter element with a steady stream of fuel which travels through a billet CV Products fuel pump, a pressurized Marshall fuel gauge, polished stainless fuel lines, braided fuel hoses and high quality Earl's fittings. At the base of those carburetors, a polished B&M supercharger spins between lightweight aluminum heads that are complete with stylish polished valve covers, and an MSD Pro-Billet distributor which sends fire through fresh MSD Super Conductor plug wires. All that hardcore combustion is cooled by a high quality radiator which sends water past a quick spinning electric fan and a polished overflow tank to custom chrome, TIG welded water tubes and a polished water pump ...

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