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132823 / 1941 Willys Coupe

Full of modern technology and all the power options you'd want, as well as 625 thundering horsepower, this 1941 Willys coupe is a do-anything rod built by pros, and it's poised to start taking home some very big trophies. It's also completely sorted, scary fast, and amazingly comfortable. J&R Streetrods built the steel-reinforced fiberglass body and finished it to show-winning standards. Every panel is as flat as Kansas, with a finish that you only find on rods with five-figure paint jobs. The trick flames lick between the two colors separating the upper and lower halves of the car, leaving you wondering if it's champagne over root beer or vice-versa. And while the shape is ultra-traditional, some new tweaks were added to give this rod a unique personality, including shaved door handles, suicide doors, and rear wheel tubs to handle those massive rear tires. There's no mistaking a Willys coupe, but this one has an identity all its own thanks to careful workmanship and attention to detail. One thing you won't have to worry about in this Willys is horsepower. Thanks to a 540 cubic inch GM crate motor that belts out 625 horsepower, this sleek coupe is more than just a parking lot poseur. Billet Specialties supplied the eye candy such as the valve covers, breathers, and air filter, while just about everything else was either chrome-plated or polishedAnd talk about attention to detail! Note how the flame pattern continues across the smoothed firewall, the perfectly fitted ...

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