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132801 / 1963 Ford Thunderbird

With a real deal 428 Police Interceptor dual quad V8, completely sorted mechanicals and a body that's fit for an astronaut, this 1963 Ford Thunderbird is the perfect weekend bruiser for anyone who enjoys getting a little fresh air out on the open road. Solid and straight, this T-bird's jet-inspired body reflects picturesque correct Ford code A Black paint which exudes a rich and classy demeanor. From its excellent shine to its chip free rocker panels, the car's deep, glossy finish is as nice as many of our much more expensive offerings, and certainly nicer than when the car rolled out of a Ford showroom almost 50 years ago. Ford Black is legendary for its upscale appearance, and when paired with this Thunderbird's streamlined red interior it creates the perfect visual culmination of speed and sophistication. Naturally, a design like this requires top-notch panel fit and it appears the folks who put this car together took a lot of time making sure every inch of the bullet-like body maintained the excellent cohesion of the original design. In short, the body & paint on this car are exceptional, and it's a stunning tribute to one of the coolest designs to ever fly out of Dearborn, Michigan. Lift this cars long black hood and you'll find a hot 428 Police Interceptor V8 which provides way more scoot than any tired, old run-of-the-mill 390 ever could. This high horsepower 1967 428 engine is complete with a correct dual four barrel carburetor set up. Firing instantly and purring ...

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