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132799 / 1923 Ford T-Bucket Trike

For more information on this vehicle visit Featuring a killer small block Chevrolet motor, a custom leather interior and a level of detail that requires multiple looks to fully comprehend, this stunning red Trike is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own the fastest, brightest and baddest thing on three wheels! Professionally fabricated as a motorcycle designers personal pet project, this one-of-a-kind 1923 T-Bucket Trike required five years to complete and includes $65K worth of parts alone! The project began with a custom built Boyd Coddington Pro-Fab chassis which was equipped with a Harley Davidson Fatboy front end, a ladder bar rear suspension and chrome coil over shocks. Once the undercarriage was bolted together and the cockpit and fenders were test fitted, a top-notch coat of Viper Red paint was evenly sprayed across the whole bike and buffed to a brilliant shine. When the vivid red completely cured, Crazy Horse Custom Paint out of Waxhaw, North Carolina was contracted to detail the smooth body with realistic flames and awesome looking sinister faces. The result is an outrageous show piece which is comfortable, fun, easy to operate and would be totally at home at any car or bike show in the world. The heart of this awesome build is a mean sounding 383 cubic inch small block Chevrolet V8 which utilizes an Eagle stroker kit, a roller cam and Manly rods to creates so much power that the owner had to add restrictor plates for the sake of streetability. At ...

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