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132766 / 1935 Chevrolet Coupe

For more information on this vehicle visit Time to think outside the Ford box. This 1935 Chevrolet 3-window coupe is for the guy who loves the classic shape, but thinks the Ford 3-window is just too ordinary. Thanks to the guys at Outlaw Fiberglass, it's possible to build a super-clean 3-window coupe with Bowtie DNA flowing through its veins, and this black and red rod has been stuffed full of all the best parts to create a unique Chevy that can be driven cross-country and shown at a national level. Finished in classic red over black, there's no doubt that this pro-built rod is ready for prime time. As good as fiberglass bodies have gotten, you don't get a rod this nice by just pulling it out of the crate and spraying paint. Fit and finish are superb, and the upright Chevy grille combined with the solid hood sides gives it a cool long nose/short deck look that's pure hot rod. The paint is two-stage urethane, and as a result the finish is deep enough to swim in, with a beautifully executed and superbly simple silver pinstripe dividing the red and black layers. Body mods include shaved emblems and door handles, a flush-fitting gas cap lid, and the slight rake on the roof, giving the side windows a subtle wedge shape. The great thing about building a Chevy rod is that you won't hear any critics complaining that the engine doesn't match the body. In this case, there's a 350 Ram Jet under the three-piece steel hood, and it has been fully detailed to match the body ...

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