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132708 / 1933 Ford Coupe

You know that Ford 3-window coupe you've been meaning to build? Well, forget about the expense and wait of building your own, because this is your '33 3-window coupe, ready to rumble immediately and for not a lot of money. It's an Outlaw body with exceptionally nice prep and paint. Of course, paint any car black means you need to go the extra mile to get everything straight, and even starting with a fresh body shell doesn't guarantee success. Fortunately, the guys working on this one understood the mission and sanded it until their fingers were bleeding. The results were worth it, though, with a mirror-like shine and virtually unbroken reflections across the body lines. The result is stylish and attention-grabbing, but not garish, just like you would have done yourself. The 383 cubic inch small block Chevy that dynos at over 475 horsepower—more than enough to make this '33 scary fast on the road. Topped by a reliable Edelbrock 4-barrel carburetor and intake, it is happy to cruise around at idle speeds, but rears up when you mash the throttle. The engine bay is accessible by removing the 3-piece hood, giving unparalleled access for service and revealing a clean, functional powerplant that obviously someone spent a lot of time thinking about. Block-hugging ceramic-coated headers dump into a true dual exhaust system with Flowmaster mufflers for a traditional hot-rod sound. The transmission is a 700R4 4-speed automatic, whose quick reflexes make this car feel nimble on the ...

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