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132327 / 1946 Ford Coupe

Like most automakers, the 1946 Fords were facelifts of the pre-war models, but they sold well to a public with more than four years of pent-up demand. One of the most popular was the Ford club coupe, which offered a full-sized back seat and rounded styling that still looks great today. This one offers a host of traditional hot-rodding tricks, including molded-in rear fenders, frenched headlights, flush-mounted tail lights, and shaved handles. None of that detracts from the ultra-straight sheetmetal, however, which was incredibly solid to begin with as the construction photos show, and was prepped and finished to an extremely high standard. Dig the subtleties like the molded-in relief lines on the fenders, stripped of their chrome but still there in the steel. The finish is two-stage urethane, and the two-tone treatment emphasizes the original shape, especially with the multi-colored graphics that begin just ahead of the cowl. Ford fans will be thrilled to find a vintage 302 cubic inch blue oval V8 under the hood, and finally there's a hot rod with the distributor up front where it belongs! The wonderfully detailed engine bay contrasts with the bright exterior paint, tying in with the graphics and pinstripes perfectlyIt's obvious that someone invested a good amount of time making sure that the hoses and wires were neatly tucked out of sight as much as possible, including those for the powerful A/C system. You'll be anxious to park and get the hood open at any show you ...

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