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132178 / 1933 Ford Outlaw Coupe

These days, when you can build an entire car from a catalog, you need to separate your rod from the pack. The very best rods are those that are built around a theme, with a unifying design that makes them seem unique, and not just a collection of aftermarket parts assembled in someone's garage. This pro-built 1933 Ford 3-window coupes unifying theme is high-tech, from the super-sanitary Mercedes-Benz silver paint, to the restrained use of chrome, to the Ultralight gauges used inside, it's the exact opposite of the current "retro" fad sweeping through the hobby and it's downright awesome. The first thing you notice is the color; what a refreshing change to not see another black or red '33 Ford. Don't get me wrong, traditional colors work just fine, but sometimes when you want to stand out in a crowd, subtlety is the best way to do it. The Outlaw 3-window body is one of the best ones in the industry, with excellent panel fit and beefy construction that lets you put it on the road with confidence. But it wasn't used as it came out of the box the body was extensively modified first. The rear fenders were shortened 5.5 inches; a custom rear pan was installed with a flip-up license plate holder, and was molded to specifically show off the trick independent suspension underneath. 4-inch wheel tubs were installed out back to leave a little extra room for those beefy rear tires. Up front, a Rootlieb hood was installed using a Hagan double hood latch assembly. Then it was all ...

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