Videa - Ford Escort

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Ford Escort


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Street Legal Racing Redline 2.3.0 LE Ford Escort


3 minut : 25 sekund
Henriks Escort MK2 Cosworth 650hp breisladd

Henrik Thorstenens Norwegian Escort MK2 at Gatebil sept 2007. Breisladd with inb...

1 minut : 16 sekund
Ford Escort ZX2 1998 A/C Repair for under $10 (part 1)

Video of the complete repair of my Ford Escort ZX2 Sport's WAC relay contained w...

1 minut : 3 sekund
Yeray Lemes On board - Ford Escort WRC - Rally Lanzarote 2008

video del interior del ford escort wrc de yeray lemes en el rally de Lanzarote 2...

3 minut : 59 sekund
Ford escort RS ANTILAG ALS OKC built CVH coil pack water injection air injectors 270bhp

Oddkidd Creations H plate white S2 with all extras running Anti lag coil pack wa...

19 sekund
Ford Escort mk2

Pinto 2.0l

27 sekund
Ford Escort Mk1 at Hal Far Raceway

Vauxhall XE Powered Mk1 Escort, Flames out of the exhaust and pulls a wheelie of...

17 sekund
Pinto Turbo - Ford Escort Mk1

Pinto Turbo'd Mk1 Escort

46 sekund

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