Ford Transit Bus

Ford Transit Bus

Rok výroby 1936 - 1947


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The Ford Transit Bus was a small bus produced by the Ford Motor Corporation from 1936 to 1947. The engine was originally placed at the front, but a rear-engine version replaced the original design in 1939. Ford constructed the chassis, which were then fitted with bodies constructed by the Union City Body Company of Union City, Indiana. Canadian versions were built from chassis fabricated in Windsor and bodies produced by Brantford Coach & Body, from 1941 to 1943.

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Ford Transit Bus
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Ford Transit Bus
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2003 Ford Transit Bus 2.0

Výkon motoru 92 kW (125 PS) při 3800 ot./min. Maximální rychlost 156 km/h. Hmotnost 2 157 kg. Palivo diesel. 5-rychlostní Manuální převodovka. Motor 1 998 ccm (122 cui), 4-válec, 2.0 TDCI.