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2014-06-06 16:16:41

hupino: Volbeat, jsou klucí šikovný

2014-06-06 19:19:05

SABATON - Screaming Eagles (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)  |  Více info

Official music video for SABATON "Screaming Eagles."

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Official video for Screaming Eagles, taken from the album "Coat Of Arms" (Nuclear Blast 2010)

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IceWind Films (www.icewind.se)

Directed by: Nicholas Dackard

Produced by: Janusz Dackard

Assisting Dir: Wojtek Wysocki

Cinematography: Nicholas Dackard, Wojtek Wysocki

Camera #3: Mattias Persson

Visual Effects & Post Production: Nicholas Dackard / IceWind Films

Pyrotechnics: FireShow

Reenactment Groups: Wrzesien 39 (www.wrzesien39.pl) / Big Red One Historical Association Poland (www.bigredone.pl)

Special thanks to Colin Pearson @ Military Vizualisations (www.mil-viz.com)

and likewise to Dean Greasley @ Vertigo Studios (www.vstudios.com)

Special thanks to SOT.

2014-06-06 20:20:11

stturnier200: ahoj, VOLBEAT jsem do teď vůbec neznal, ale dost dobrý . Do auta to určitě neni špatný, ale některý jejich rychlejší kousky asi svádí k svižnější jízdě, né ?

2014-06-08 08:39:59

V rádiu při jízdě poslouchám vše, co u mne navozuje příjemnou náladu. Absolutně nesnáším to, co svádí k agresivitě a špatné náladě. Hlavně poslouchám muziku, která má alespoň takovou hodnotu, že se hraje několik let a má melodii, která se pamatuje (o některých druzích muziky se to nedá vůbec říci). To při takové hlasitosti, aby člověk neztratil kontakt z okolím.

2014-06-08 09:12:44

Poutníci to je taky pecka

Poutníci - Telegrafní Cesta (Telegraph Road)  |  Více info

2014-06-08 11:08:49

Toto je taky dobré a pro cestu na sraz vložím na platňu aby to utíkalo lépeji

White Skull - Public Glory, Secret Agony (Full Album)  |  Více info

White Skull is an Italian power/heavy metal band formed in 1988.

Public Glory, Secret Agony was released in 2000 and is the fourth full-lenght of the band.

White Skull - Public Glory, Secret Agony

1- "Burn Rome, Burn (Intro)"

2- "High Treason"

3- "The Roman Empire"

4- "Greedy Rome"

5- "In Caesar We Trust"

6- "Valley of the Sun"

7- "Annubis, The Jackal"

8- "Mangler"

9- "Cleopathra"

10- "Field of Peace"

11- "Time For Glory"

"The only purpose is to disseminate the music, if you like it, please support the band, go and buy the album"

2014-06-08 12:01:28

vaclav30: už jsem se bál Václave, že to sem nedáš . Né, vim že to máš rád a je to good .

2014-06-15 10:32:16


a mladá Linkiny....

2014-06-21 23:44:11

Já jsem fanoušek hudby Elecktro, remix, trance, house ale i rap, RnB a poslední dobou se mi líbi i Swing. Nejvíce jsem ulítlej na basy viz.song

Martin Garrix - Animals (Victor Niglio Twerk Remix) (Preview)  |  Více info

Incredible remix by Victor Niglio, ripped from Diamond Pistols: Spray And Pray Vol.2

Support him:



I do not own any of the materials used in this video. I uploaded this tune for promotional use only. If you're the artist or the label behind this tune and you don't want it on Youtube, please send me a PM instead of contacting Youtube, and I will remove this video as soon as possible.

2014-06-22 01:20:14

marim: mlada ma vkus

2014-06-22 22:53:13

já má nejradši rád DRUM and BASS mnohým to nebude nic řikat ale tohle já opravdu rád









a občas nějakou tu temnotku jako hardcore


Rusko - Thunder (Tantrum Desire Remix) [Official Full Stream]  |  Více info

The official Mad Decent YouTube release of Rusko - Thunder (Tantrum Desire Remix). Stream the full track and other Rusko releases here or show support on iTunes or Google Play.

Purchase on Itunes:

We're excited to announce the next single "Thunder feat. Bonny McKee" off Rusko's new album SONGS out July 10th! With its statium sized synths and high flying chorus provided by US songwriter Bonny Mckee, Thunder stands to be one of this summers biggest anthems. Along with the single London based DnB producers Tantrum Desire come through with the remix for the B-side.

Purchase Rusko's New album:

SONGS on Itunes (US) 

SONGS on Itunes (UK)

SONGS CD + T-shirt

SONGS 2xLP vinyl + T-shirt

Rusko's takeover has only just begun! His debut, O.M.G.!, replete with his signature bone-rattling bass and anthemic melodies, was a critical and commercial hit that cemented him as one of the most exciting artists in modern

dance music. His peers have championed him and Diplo, Santigold, and Switch have featured his tracks in DJ sets and mixes. His own productions and remixes include The Prodigy and Basement Jaxx and his live shows have been drawing rapturous crowds of thousands across the globe. His new album, Songs, due out in March is a dauntless artist at his best. These are the songs that will dominate festivals and dance-floors this year and beyond!

At the center of the adventurous and exciting sound of Songs is Rusko's virtuosic ability to tackle and re-imagine a variety of genres. Lead single, "Somebody to Love", has all the makings of an anthem with its instantly memorable chorus and a shape-shifting rhythm that is more infectious by the second. Watch the video here (will be hyperlinked). "Skanker" rockets you from Kingston to outer space with it's 21st century take on dub and roots. "Dirty Sexy"

is a sultry R&B track sure to make speakers pop worldwide. "Thunder" propels Hi-NRG to the future with an exhilarating melody that will leave you rapturous.

Songs is a collection of masterful pop songs that will reach far beyond the dance floors. Rusko has created a body of work that encapsulates all the best elements of bass heavy music and infuses them with sublime melodies and a euphoric spirit. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable odyssey!

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2014-06-24 22:41:44

Aby si Louža nemyslel, že poslouchám jen severské písně


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