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Čištění škrtící klapky Duratec HE

Fórum Návody Čištění škrtící klapky Duratec HE

2016-09-05 23:07:17

How to: Clean & replace throttle body Ford Duratec HE (Mondeo, Focus, Mazda)  |  Více info

Simple DIY how to: Remove, clean, and replace the throttle body on a Ford Duratec HE or Mazda LF engine.

Throttle bodies get dirty over time along with the rest of the insides of an intake manifold, and it's good practice to service them by just cleaning from time to time. Dirty or clogged throttle bodies can lead to rough idle and engine tune problems. A good schedule would be the same as your air filter replacement interval.

Video on the throttle position sensor:

Video on the Idle Air Control Valve:

Nb.: Later Duratec HE's use a drive-by-wire throttle body which effectively incorporate the IACV into the electronic throttle body - this would be a different process.

You will need:

  • 8 mm socket and 3/8" or 1/4" socket wrench with short extension bar
  • Throttle body cleaner or similar plastic-safe solvent for cleaning (do not use "carb cleaner")
  • Rag(s)
  • Torx driver to remove and reinstall throttle position sensor
  • Flashlight.